Pastor Fred O. Anucha was born in Aba, Nigeria.  He attended the Adventist Seminary of West Africa and later transitioned to Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan where he completed a BA degree in Religion and a BBA in Accounting.  He later earned an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Andrews University.

He has two grown sons, Franklin and Worthy Anucha who are also products of Adventist education.  He has served in the different departments of the church including the youth, earning his Master Guide in the Missionary Volunteer department, music, and Sabbath School.  He also served as a jail minister for more than 15 years.  He became the pastor of the Lakeview SDA Church in January, 2011.

Head Elder Civan Ferguson and wife Ena Ferguson.
Civan leads one of the adult Sabbath school classes. Ena Is the Sabbath School Superintendent. She also serves on the Health Ministry Committee.  Together they serve as the Family Life Leaders.
  Elder Mervin Raggs and wife Betty Raggs.
Both are founding members of Lakeview. Through the years they have served in many departments. Betty Raggs still serves as a Deaconess and is one the church greeters.
  Elder Dwight Hurd and wife Joann Hurd.
Joann serves as the Music Department Director and is the Youth Department Leader.
  Head Deacon Anthony Augustin and wife Patricia Augustin.
Patricia serves a Deaconess, as the Head of the Greeters, the Head of the Social Committee, and also serves on the Community Service Committee.

  Korah Lawrence is the Head Deaconess. She Also serves on the Social Committee and is one of the Greeters.
  Church Clerk Vickie Smith.
Vickie is the Women’s Ministry Leader and the Junior Sabbath School Teacher.